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DNA Sports H8 v3 Pre Workout

DNA Sports H8 v3 Pre Workout

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H8: The High-Stim Pre-Workout for Explosive Energy and Focus

Looking for a pre-workout supplement that can take your training to the next level? H8 by DNA Sports might just be what you’re looking for. This high-stim pre-workout is packed with scientifically-formulated ingredients to help you achieve your fitness goals. From halostachine to NeuroPEA, this potent blend can give you the explosive boost of energy, focus, and endurance you need to power through even the toughest workouts.

  • Explosive energy boost: H8’s blend of ingredients, including Infinergy and Halostachine, helps provide an intense and sustained energy boost, allowing you to power through even the most challenging workouts.
  • Enhanced focus and mental clarity: NeuroPEA, a nootropic compound, helps improve focus and mental clarity, helping you stay in the zone during your workouts.
  • Maximizes effectiveness: AstraGin and BioPerine are natural absorption enhancers that help your body better utilize the other ingredients in the formula, maximizing their effectiveness.

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