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NXT Nutrition Glyco PWR 1.8kg (new size)

NXT Nutrition Glyco PWR 1.8kg (new size)

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    • TNT Nuclear Glyco PWR 1.8kg

        • A powerful & superior intra-workout source of carbohydrates, Nuclear Glyco PWR delivers 27 grams of Cyclic Dextrin per serving, ramping up your performance and recovery between sessions.

        • Nuclear Glyco PWR also includes a small amount of fructose to top up glycogen levels in addition to an intelligently crafted electrolyte blend to combat dehydration and prolong maximum performance when training.

      • Simply pour one scoop into your shaker bottle and consume before, during or after training, depending on your specific needs.


      Nuclear Glyco PWR is a Cyclic Dextrin formula has been designed to improve stamina and strength. The cornerstone of the Nuclear Gylco PWR formula is Cyclic Dextrin. Cyclic Dextrin is a high-quality carbohydrate being somewhat unique in that it acts as an instant and sustained source of carbohydrates. Due to the low osmolality of Cyclic Dextrin, it passes the stomach very quickly and is absorbed quicker than other carbohydrate sources. The low glycemic index of Cyclic Dextrin means there is less chance of blood sugar spikes or crashes. We have further enhanced the benefits of the Cyclic Dextrin by adding Fructose, of which helps to top up liver glycogen stores. This in turn enables your muscles to be able to effectively uptake glycogen. One of the biggest obstacles for performance is dehydration. This is why we have added an electrolyte blend so that you can stay in a fully hydrated state. Nuclear Glyco PWR is ideal for any hard trainer looking for more fuel for their workout. Mix 1-2 servings with cold water and sip before during and after your training. For maximum results, Nuclear Glyco PWR can be mixed with Amino Fuel.

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